Journey from Raw to Edible

Discover the story of how bird's nest was first discovered

Journey from Raw to Edible

The Process of Bird's Nest

The processes in which the bird’s nest is cleaned require very delicate skill. Our technicians are well-trained to perform these skilful processes in order to produce the highest quality grade of bird’s nest.

Collection of Raw Materials

Raw bird’s nests are carefully selected and harvested from our various registered Swiftlet houses. These handpicked bird’s nests are then categorized accordingly and later transported for processing.

Processing &
Production Plant

At the processing plant, the raw bird’s nests begin its journey to become edible bird’s nests. Strict standards and rigorous procedures are observed in our processing and production plant to provide you with the best quality and safe edible bird’s nest.


The bird’s nests first undergone a trimming process where the excess parts are trimmed.


Next, they are soaked in ozonised water to soften. This allows our professionally trained staffs to filter out some impurities and bigger feathers.

Threading & First Picking

Using a machine, the threads of the nest is carefully spread out as wide as possible so that each thread can be seen. This allows us to further eliminate impurities and feathers from the nest.

The Second Picking

After the first round of picking, most of the big impurities and feathers should already be eliminated. This second round involves a more extensive picking out of all the other small impurities. Our skilled staffs are well trained to spot and pick out these miniscule impurities.

Disinfecting & Reshaping

The bird’s nest will then undergo a disinfecting process using ultraviolet light before they were sent for reshaping.

Cold Air Drying

After reshaping, the bird’s nest will then be sent to the drying station. Here, they will be left to dry under cold air for a specific amount of time.

Quality Control

The now dried edible bird’s nests will have to pass through rigorous inspection by our trained staffs as required by industry standards. This is to ensure that only the best bird’s nests are sent out to you.


After another round of disinfecting, the product is vacuum packed and is now ready to be consumed.

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