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How It All Begun

Fateful meetings – Who says rivals can’t become friends?

For years, four strangers co-exist in the same industry. Going to the same events, conferences and meetings. They are very aware of each other’s presence, but were busy thriving hard towards making Malaysian bird’s nest industry one of the most trusted in the eyes of the world. All the while thinking that they are the only one wanting to make changes. Until that one fateful day at a bird’s nest conference. It all began with a simple conversation about bird’s nest that strings into deeper discussions about their vision for the future. It was then that they realised that they are not alone in this journey and decided to join forces – to move as one towards their vision.

Why Are We Here

Premium Quality With Better Price

Here at MYNEST GLOBAL, we take great care of the way we handle and process our bird’s nest. Every single one of the raw uncleaned bird’s nest that reaches us is processed in our factory in accordance to the International Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and following the HACCP standards. Strict standards and rigorous procedures are observed in our processing and production plant to provide you with the best quality and safe bird’s nest. Rest assure that we are 100% committed in providing you only the safest and highest quality of bird’s nest so that you can consume with a peace of mind.

Our Core Value

Vision & Mission

We are transparent and honest in our processes. Your trust is our pride. We are also set to educate more about Bird nest market and how to differentiate true and impure bird nest product. Also, we are dedicated to redefining bird nest drinking culture, make drinking true bird nest everyday possible to everyone.


‘We want to create a world where people can consume bird’s nest without worry. We will strive to educate the public about bird’s nest and its culture to correct the misimpressions people have of bird’s nest. In creating this bird’s nest processing & production plant, education & training centre, and culture & ecology museum, we simultaneously create job opportunities and promote ecotourism for Malaysia.’

Dato’ Chua Hui Gen

CEO of MYNEST Global Sdn Bhd.

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